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Chiba University Graduates' Design Works

ヤマハデザイン研究所鈴木俊英「戦後日本デザインの軌跡 1953-2127 千葉からの挑戦」展 展示作品受賞: JIDAデザインミュージアムパーマネントコレクション選定

岩谷忠良「戦後日本デザインの軌跡 1953-2052 千葉からの挑戦」展 展示作品

トイレピクトグラム (S63・東陶機器・大広) / Toilet pictogram
宮崎, 紀郎 / MIYAZAKI, Michio

北郷谷木ぐされ土焼締急須 2012
若杉, 集 / WAKASUGI, Syu

VAIO LXシリーズ(ソニー)
大場晴夫「戦後日本デザインの軌跡 1953-2260 千葉からの挑戦」展 展示作品 受賞: 2001年Gマーク選定 , REDDOT DESIGN AWARD(ドイツ)

貝崎勝「戦後日本デザインの軌跡 1953-2187 千葉からの挑戦」展 展示作品

About this collection

This collection is Chiba University graduates' design works. It contains images of various design works such as automobiles, home appliances, daily necessities, stationery, and public transport signs.

When this collection was published in the Chiba University Repository, we had permission to release it individually, but the intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, etc.) of these works belong to its right holder. When using the content, please refer to License Agreement (License): and pay attention to the moral rights and privacy of the author.

Works by Graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University (2013)

  1. UV Mirador Contents and colophon : Works by Graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University,Alumni Association of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University
  2. UV Mirador Preface : Works by Graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University,Alumni Association of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University
  3. UV Mirador Preface : Works by Graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University,MORI Hitoshi
  4. UV Mirador Automatic iron ; Electric warmer ; Gas stove ; Electric stove ; Electric stove ; Intermediate switch ; Jet type washing machine ; Washing machine with squeezing machine ; Electric pot ; Electric coffee siphon ; Small mixer ; Automatic popup toaster ; Gas automatic rice cooker ; Gas stove installed sink ; Gas table with fish baking machine ; Cord desorption-type electric automatic rice cooker ; Vacuum cleaner ; Microwave oven ; Study of kitchen unit 1973 ; Study on sanitary unit 1973,KIKUCHI Rei
  5. UV Mirador Kid's rabbit chair 2008 ; Kid's sofa 2008 ; Chest of drawers 2008 ; Oval stool 2010 ; Four poster chair 2008,WATANABE Yu
  6. UV Mirador Exhibition Plan and Design at Nippon Institute of Technology Museum of Industrial Technology SL Building. ; Explanations of structure and principle of the steam locomotive type 2001 with a small model and illustrations. ; Explanations of safe service system in single-track section with a reduction model and illustrations. ; Restoration for preservation of operational condition. ; A trial run type 2019 after restoration. ; A summery and history of type 2100 - 2109. ; Tools and servi000ce document for service.,NAGATA Hideaki
  7. UV Mirador RICHO Auto shot ; RICOHMATIC 44 ; RICOH AUTO 66,NONAKA Hirohchika
  8. UV Mirador NIPPON COLUMBIA Desktop radio ; SHAKEN Photocomposing machine,FUJIMORI Keiji
  9. UV Mirador TANITA Health meter with adipometer,MATSUMARU Takashi
  10. UV Mirador Kewpie cooking device ; Print Gocco No. 1 ; Risograph ; IJ printer ; Electronic treatment instrument ; Automated book binding system for elderly people ; Data logger ; Emblem of the Japan Academy ; Badge of the Japan Academy ; Summary of Tokyo University ; Desktop ashtray ; Digital sphygmomanometer ; XY pen plotter ; Cutting system,MURAKAMI Teruyoshi
  11. UV Mirador Portable TV ; Sewing machine of the portable type of the electric built-in motor ; Baby walker ; Unit・cabinet ; Sewing machine of the portable type of the electric built-in motor ; Outdoor vehicle for infants ; New Bicycle & Parking System ; Portable TV ; Mini equipment played in town house ; Two-type gas cooking table ; Towelette pack ; Slide hanger ; Stylist hanger,ISHIKAWA Hioshi
  12. UV Mirador National TV ; National Push-button Tape Recorder ; National Home Sewing Machine ; Supplement to Science Magazine for School Children (GAKKEN Co., Ltd.) ; Supplement to Science Magazine for School Children (GAKKEN Co., Ltd.) ; YOTO Hi-Black Series (YOTO Co., Ltd.) 1974 : Grill Pan 18 ; YOTO Hi-Black Series (YOTO Co., Ltd.) 1974 : Grill Pan 27 ; Frying pan 26 ; Frying pan 28 ; Nikon Pendant Lupe (Nikon Optical Co.,Ltd.) 1994 ; Nikon Optical Frame (Nikon Corporation) 1990,UGA Yohko
  13. UV Mirador SONY Walkman TPS-L2 ; SONY Walkman WM-2 1981,KUROKI Yasuo
  14. UV Mirador The seventh cruise Exhibition ship 1966 ; Osaka world expo telecommunications hall 1970 ; SONY Trinitron color 1977 televisionKV-1821 1971 ; Mini push phone 700P 1971 (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation) ; Public telephone 1977 (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation) ; SONY FM stereo /AM receiver ; 50CC motor scooter “RAN” 1983 ; Digital public telephone DPT-B(NTT) ; Telecommunications science center 1974 ; Display hall of the Toyota hall 1976 ; Portopia UCC Coffee house 1979 ; Fuchu service station of Tokyo Electric Power Company 1983 ; Yokohama Motomachi Shopping District Mall Planning 1985 ; Universal microscope (Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.) ; The 20th Annual meeting of the Japanese society of Medical science general medicine exhibition 1979 ; The theme hall of the International Tokyo Motor Show 1979 ; Fujitsu OA showroom in Kyoto ; Japan pavilion of Expo in Montreal 1967,TOYOGUCHI Kyou
  15. UV Mirador Colored pencil MITUBISHI DERMATOGRAPH 7600 1962 ; Calendar for MITUBISHI PENCIL 1964 ; Fancy stationery 1974~1990 Stationery of music series ; Medical science book ; Freehand illustration 1992~2008,IZUMO Takeko
  16. UV Mirador Show Window Display for WAKO : Choir 1980 ; Show Window Display for WAKO : Summer 1984 ; Show Window Display for WAKO : Wind 1988 ; Show Window Display for WAKO : Swan 1990 ; Show Window Display for WAKO : Autumn 1991 ; Show Window Display for WAKO : Dragon 2000 ; Show Window Display for JR Tower Sapporo Stellar Place : Ikaros 2003 ; Leopard of the starlit sky 2003 ; Show Window Display for JR Tower Sapporo Stellar Place : Floral pattern 2006 ; 睡蓮の池 2006,HATTORI Haruhisa
  17. UV Mirador Design of the electronic switchboard(Miniature model) ,KOBAYASHI Yasuto
  18. UV Mirador [Bibliography] Image, Perspective and Design 1979,NAGATA Takashi
  19. UV Mirador Asano Slate Company '65 calendar illustration ; From a business book ; One scene of today's health of NHK ; One scene of today's health of NHK ; One scene of today's health of NHK ; Disaster prevention goods character ; From a business book ; AU Mobile standby screen ; AU Mobile Decome image ; UP-SOLD ; AU Mobile standby screen ; Cartoon ; CG Painting ; CG picture ; Cover Illustration ; CG picture ; CG picture,SATOU Nakanobu
  20. UV Mirador Silk tie 1969 ; Silk scarf 1970 ; Design drawing “Bouquet” 1969 ; “Bamboo” (Silk cloth print) 1964 ; “Flower garden” Silk print 1970,SUZUKI Shigegi
  21. UV Mirador The Exhibition Site Planning of TOKYO MOTOR SHOW ; Tokyo international trade fair booth design ; ; Tokyo International Good Living ShowVenue design 1976 ; Central Avenue in Tokyo Akihabara landscape project mall refreshment plan 1986~1995 ; Yokohama Toho Hospital signature plan & Geriatric Health Facility “Healthy” Interior・Exterior Color Implementation Plan ; Tokyo International Lighting Design Competition Fine work Lighting System for Safety = Yamagiwa art foundation 1975 ; Graduation production = MOTEL 1963,TERAZAWA Tsutomu
  22. UV Mirador Advertisement of Canon Canola for Newspaper 1965 ; 35mm Half Size Camera “Canon DIAL35”Pamphlet 1965 ; 35mm Half Size Camera “Canon DEMI” Leaflet 1966 ; A Proposal For Newspaper Top Page 1992 ; Pictogram for Yokohama EXPO 1989 ; Symbolmark for Chiba Cancer Center 1996 ; Badge for Professor Emeritus Chiba University 1992 ; Symbolmark for Japan Financial Services Agency 2000 ; Universal Design Font for Display 2007 ; Font Design 1988 ; Symbolmark for Chiba University Union 2004 ; Badge for School of Nursing Chiba University 1975 ; Sondershau Japan Display Design 1981,MIYAZAKI Michio
  23. UV Mirador Citizen Electric Cash Register CR-31S 1964 ; Citizen Electric Cash Register CR-Seven 1967 ; Citizen Liquid Crystal Display Pocket Television 06TA-0J 1985 ; Citizen Liquid Crystal Display Pocket Television 03TA-0J 1983 ; Citizen Liquid Crystal Display Color Television 1986,OTU Yutaka
  24. UV Mirador Regional revitalization in Mishima-machi, Fukushima prefecture and Sanpoku-machi Niigata prefecture ,MIYAZAKI Kiyoshi
  25. UV Mirador JAAC 17th EXHIBITION 1967 ; JAAC 18th EXHIBITION 1968 ; Magazine Advertising Illustrations 1976 ; Magazine Cover Illustration 1981-1983 ; Picture Books ; Symbol Mark Design 1986 ; Poster Design 1991,ISHIKAWA Shigetoh
  26. UV Mirador MUJI Square paper tube Unit System,YASUI Satoshi
  27. UV Mirador [Bibliography] Familization books series(MISAWA HOMES CO.,LTD. 1983-2000),SAKO Takeshi
  28. UV Mirador Cadbury Japan Clorets ICE (Grain gum) ; Morinaga Lui (Bite chocolate) ; Lotte airs (Bite chocolate) ; Morinaga VELVET BITTER (Bite chocolate) ; Ajinomoto Hondashi item packaging ; AGF coffee・tea assorted gift ; Lotte Air CRUNKY (Bite chocolate) ; Lotte AIR-LE (Bite chocolate),MARUYAMA Kazuko
  29. UV Mirador SOENFICOSY-Solar Energy Fish Conservation System,AOKI Hiroyuki
  30. UV Mirador Tool design of the store ; Cosmetic fixture and SP tool design ; Development of food SP tool ; Development of chemical SP tool ; Development of beverage SP tool ; Catalog · Editorial design ; Display design of the toy section store ; coar papercraft and editing of the special feature book ; Design of popping out picture book ; Standy design ; Corner DP design,NISHIDA Yukio
  31. UV Mirador OYA Tomiyasu ; ANZAI Toshinori : Mitsubishi Electric's Official Website,OYA Tomiyasu, ANZAI Toshinori, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  32. UV Mirador Design consulting on Tokyo TRTA Subways Sign System Project ; Design consulting on Minatomirai Sign System Project ; Design consulting on Common Sign Project at Yokohama Station ; Design consulting on Ark Hills Sign System and Environmental Design Project ; Design consulting on Roppongi Hills Sign Improvement for Pedestrians, Office Floors and Parking Area ; Design consulting on drawing up the Sign Graphic Manual at Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway ; Design consulting on drawing up the Sign Graphic Manual at Nippon Expressway,AKASE Tatsuzo
  33. UV Mirador Sign system design : Central Japan International Airport ; Sign system design : Narita International Airport ; Sign system design : New Chitose Airport International and Domestic Terminals ; Sign system design : Central Japan Railways ; Sign system design : West Japan Railways ; Sign system for sightseeing : Fuji-kawaguchiko area ; Design and planning : Communication support board,KOYAMA Keiichi
  34. UV Mirador Mitsukoshi's life studio catalog 1988-1990 ; Pad of the enamel ; Naming of Ginjoshu ; Ito-Yokado's private brand of Japanese confectionery 2006 ; 5 Booth display,SHIMIZU Keiko
  35. UV Mirador Sign System for Tokyo Metro ; Ticket office of Tokyo Metro ; Color plan of the movable fence of the Marunouchi Line home ; Sign System for Toei Subway ; Shikoku Folk House Museum ; Information system unified with soundscapes and visual signs and tactile.,NAKAMURA Toyoshiro, HAGINO Miyuki
  36. UV Mirador Product development of household articles(Seibu Department Stores) 1975-1980 Oh!My Dining ; Product development of household articles(Seibu Department Stores) 1975-1980 Oh!My Dining ; Research and suggestion of household articles ; Edit Life information magazine ‛Two Way’ 1995-1998 Products science institute ; Office C&N 2005- ; Coordinator of good life laboratory of life(Mujirushi Ryohin),NONAKA Hiroko
  37. UV Mirador Development of independent elderly equipment ; Development of Nishijin textile products ; Competition clock of SEIKO 1974(GK) ; Haneda world clock of SEIKO 1974(GK) ; Clock in front of Kashiwa Station of SEIKO 1974(GK) ; Clock of the Kojimachi Street of SEIKO 1974(GK) ; World clock of Miyako Hotel of SEIKO 1974(GK) ; Gasoline pump 1974(GK) ; Tokyo Style fashion furniture 1975(GK) ; Watanabe instrument's XY plotter(GK) ; Environmental tester of Kusumoto Kasei 1983(CFI) ; PC of Alps Electric 1984(CFI) ; Printer of the citizen 1986(Mitsuhashi),MITSUHASHI Toshio
  38. UV Mirador Yakishime Teapot ; Sake cups and vessel,WAKASUGI Syu
  40. UV Mirador Bio-Light (Obunsha) 1986 ; Air cleaner (Matsushita Electric Works) 1997 ; Uninterruptible power system (Sanyo Denki) 2005 ; Lighting equipment (Matsushita Electric Works) 2002 ; Stapler (Plus) 2006 ; FUJICA HD-I (Fuji Photo Film) 1979 ; Tape cutters, etc. (ASKUL) 2004 ; Reception pen (ASKUL) 2005 ; TSUN TSUN (Ash concept) 2004 ; Glass set (Cherry Terrace) 2001 ; Toothbrush (MARNA) 1995 ; All Round Bowls (Cherry Terrace) 2004 ; Watch(interform) 2000 ; ASKUL head office building (ASKUL) 2004 ; Shibuya Tokyu Plaza (TOKYU LAND CORPORATION) 1985, 2004, 2007 ; Miyagi Design Office Karuizawa Studio 1998 ; ASKUL C.I. (ASKUL) 1992 ; Sign plan of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel (TOKYU CORPORATION) 2001 ; Sanyo Denki C.I. (Sanyo Denki) 1990 ; Package design (ASKUL) 1999,MIYAGI Sotaro, DAIHATSU Co.Ltd
  41. UV Mirador DAIHATSU OPTI 1992 ; DAIHATSU OPTI 1992 ; DAIHATSU MOVE 1995 ; DAIHATSU NAKED 1999 ; DAIHATSU COPEN 2002,ISIZAKI Hirofumi, Hitachi,Ltd.
  42. UV Mirador Impression of the train 1988 ; CG color solid 2012 ,TAMAGAKI Yoichi
  43. UV Mirador Ceiling Light & Pendant “KIRARI series” 2002-2003 ; Compact Hair Dryer “POPROLL” 1986 ; Automatic CD Cleaner 1986 ; Hands Free Dryer 1989 ; VTR combined TV 1979 ; Wide TV & CS digital tuner 1996 ; Room Air Conditioner “BIGFLOW” 1990 ; Refrigerator 1993,AOKI Masahide
  44. UV Mirador Package for Sony Audio Cartridge 1979 ; Package for Sony Audio Accessory 1977 ; SONY Digital Clock Radio 1981 ; SONY Dolby C ”WALKMAN” 1983 ; SONY Compact Cassette-tape Half 1982 ; Kitchen Gadget Series ”DOMESTIC” for Myodo 1997 ; Kitchen Wire Series “DOMESTIC PRO” for Myodo 1999,EBISAWA Yoko
  45. UV Mirador [Bibliography] Glass bottles in the living (Toyo Glass Co., Ltd., 1994),OMOYA Shinsuke
  46. UV Mirador Chair ; Furniture for new silver ; Wheelchair for the basketball,NAKASE Hiroyuki
  47. UV Mirador Design strategy of Mitsubishi Electric “Unified design for improving brand power” : Control equipment, Industrial mechatronics equipment,HARA Masaki, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  48. UV Mirador Est 2007 ; Asience 2007 ; Essential 2007 ; Segreta 2007 ; Liese 2007-2008 ; Cape 2006-2007 ; Liese 2007-2008 ; Laurier F 2004-2006 ; Laurier PL 2005 ; Laurier 2006 ; Laurier SSG 2005 ; Laurier SG 2007 ; Attack 2004-2006 ; Humming 2005-2006 ; Humming-F 2008 ; Magiclean 2004-2007 ; Cucute 2004-2007 ; Econa 2005-2007 ; Healthya 2004-2007,YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  49. UV Mirador Puzzy’s-chair(LUMINAX) 2007 ; MEZZO series(ITOKI) 2003 ; AIR LOUNGE G-type(ITOKI) 2007 ; WOOD PANEL(LUMINAX) 2007 ; OUTPUT-working High-table(BeBALLOONS) 2004 ; MEZZO(ITOKI) 2000 ; RIORD(ITOKI) 2002 ; DDD-table(ITOKI) 2005 ; XV-EXECTIVE(ITOKI) 2005 ; emit(ITOKI) 2003 ; LINX PANEL-SYSTEM(PLUS) 1991 ; Project-room(PLUS 音羽倶楽部) 1993 ; Entrance Sign(WING-Building) 2004 ; Street Light(Kinmon) 1996 ; CupVender(Fujidenki-reiki) 1983,KATAYAMA Takao
  50. UV Mirador dwipa book series ; JAPANTEX’96 ; JAPANTEX’91 ; '91 JAPANSHOP,HANAZAWA Hiroshi
  51. UV Mirador Advertisement of “TeLePAL” Shogakukan 1986, 1987 ; Advertisement of “Tokyo Walker” Kadokawa Shoten 1988 ; Advertisement o “Big Comic” Shogakukan 1999,IKEDA Yoshinobu
  52. UV Mirador Ipsa Metabolizer 2006 ; Design Tex 2008 ; Ipsa 2008 ; Switer AI-15 2011 ; Bio-Performance 1988 ; Shiseido Rosarium 1986 ; The Make-up 1987 ; Plum Wine 2007 ; Shochu 2010 ; Pure White 2011 ; Shochu 2007 ; Memorise 2010 ; Bi-Matic 1994 ; Shiseido Nasca 2009 ; Uwabami Jogi 2011 ; Tefal Fondue 1996 ; Tefal Tajine 1997,ITO Toru
  53. UV Mirador Calculators Catalogue for USA 1989 ; Calculators Brochure for Hong Kong 1990 ; Data Management Calculator Leaflet for Overseas 1991 ; Electronic Calculator Leaflet for Overseas 1991 ; Word Processors Point of Purchase Advertising 1991 ; Calculators Brochure for Australia 1990 ; Scientific Calculators Brochure for Overseas 1991 ; Personal Fax Brochure for Overseas 1991 ; Digital Microprinter Leaflet for Overseas 1996 ; Roll/Fiche Carrier Leaflet for Overseas 1997 ; CD Document Recorder Brochure for Overseas 1998,OHASHI Toshio, Canon Inc.
  54. UV Mirador Sign system planning of Hommachi Garden City / St.Resig Osaka ; Sign system planning of Osaka Station City ; Sign system planning of Hotel Nikko Alivila ; Odawara Premium Umeboshi project,KANEDA Kyoko
  55. UV Mirador OLYMPUS,Ltd : 35mm film Camera OM40 1985 ; AM-100 1987 ; O-product 1988 ; TRIP 100 1992 ; System biological microscope BX50 1993 ; Educational microscope CH30 1997 ; Operation microscope OME-7000 2003 ; Automatic blood analyzer AU5400 1999 ; Dot code reader Scan Talk R-300 1999 ; Hospital management system terminal, Solemio nurse 2004,ASAKA Takeshi
  56. UV Mirador Word plotter ; Lettering tape making machine ; Tape printing machine,SAKAI Takashi
  57. UV Mirador Universal design development evaluation tool UD-Checker,SAKAYORI Eiko, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  58. UV Mirador V.S.Monkey(Frame Kit Motorcycle) 1999 ; Microminiature three-wheeled electric car T3 2006 ; Microminiature three-wheeled sportscar EX3 2003,HADA Takashi
  59. UV Mirador GUI design of car navigation system (Multi relay operation),IWASAKI Tatsuki, SANO Yoko, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  60. UV Mirador Katarai Bench ; “Departure Sound Sign” Chiba monorail 2012 ; “Soundscape in TOKYO” Exhibition for TOKYO Reading & Watching 2007 ; “Nextrike” Bicycle for Short Stay Tourists 2005 ; “Soundscape in Lonmiladonno” Sound Installation for Exhibition 2011 ; B.G.M(Music or Messege) ; “Location Sign System for Nagareyama Walking” 2011 ; “Location Sign Kit for Nagareyama Open Garden Festival” 2010,SATO Kiminobu
  61. UV Mirador Engineering workstation MELCOM ME100/200/400 1988 ; Laptop Personal Computer mp286L ; Color Printer S340,YONEZAWA Midori, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  62. UV Mirador [Research outline] Reserch on design management ; Reserch on User interface design,WATANABE Makoto
  63. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI Big screen televisions ; MITSUBISHI DVD player ; DIATONE Acoustic speaker DS-A5, DS-A3,ABE Takato, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  64. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI BD · HDD built-in TV LCD-BHR400 series,IWABUCHI Nobuaki, ISHIZUKA Takehiko, OKADA Asami, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  65. UV Mirador QUALIA 001 2004 ; VAIO L Series 1999 ; VAIO LX Series 2001,OBA Haruo, Sony Co.Ltd
  66. UV Mirador Secom Jyoshinetsu headquarters building ; Kyobashi S building ; Thalassa Shima ; Interior planning of Amitie Shin-Osaka,HIGUCHI Takayuki
  67. UV Mirador Hydraulic Excavator PC138US-8 ; Hydraulic Excavator PC200-8,YANAGIDA Yasuhiro, Komatsu Ltd.
  68. UV Mirador TOYOTA PRIUS Exterior Design 2003 ; TOYOTA PRIUS Exterior “Key Sketch” ; LEXUS IS-F Exterior Design 2006 ; TOYOTA ISIS Exterior Design 2004 ; TOYOTA ALLION Exterior Design 2002 ; TOYOTA ESTIMA Exterior Design 1999 ; LEXUS ES Exterior Design 1996 ; TOYOTA CARIB Exterior Front Face Design 1995,OKAMOTO Hiroshi
  69. UV Mirador Pottery product (Oda Pottery CO.,LTD.),NAGAI Chiharu
  70. UV Mirador Train design ; Route map design,OMORI Masaki
  71. UV Mirador Gas Chromatograph with MS Detector GCMS-QP5000 1993 ; Micro Electronic Balance AEM-5200 1993 ; Na/K/Cl ION Meter CIM-300 1993 ; Digital Radiography System DIGITEX PRO 1997 ; MRI System MAGNEXα 1994 ; LC WorkStation Class-VP ver.6.0 1999 ; CT-3D Image Viewer GeniusSpace 2001 ; General Radiographic System Radiotex safire 2003 ; Surgical Mobile C-Arm Imaging System OPESCOPE PLENO 2002 ; Full Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer CP2000 2007 ; Clinical PET System Eminence 2003,MAEKAWA Masami
  72. UV Mirador CASIO Sheen ; CASIO Baby-G BGA-113, BG-2000, BGR-30 ; CASIO G-SHOCK GW-100, DW-9700, DWG-100,KOJIMA Kazuyasu, CASIO COMPUTER CO. LTD.
  73. UV Mirador MISTUBISHI Refrigerator-freezer F series, E series 2009 ,ARAI Satoshi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  74. UV Mirador Sign systems design for the walker ; Unit type jungle gym ; Natural snoezelen,HARA Hiromichi
  75. UV Mirador Installation at the Myoren-ji temple in Nakatsu-shi, Oita-Prefecture,MATSUUCHI Noriyuki
  76. UV Mirador Mobile phone interface FOMA D902i, V401D, mova D50xi,TUKADA Tomoaki, IIZAWA Daisuke, SEMPUKU Tuyoshi, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  77. UV Mirador TOLI Solid Vinyl Tile 2002,SHIMOKAWA Tomokazu, WATANABE Miho, TOLI Corp.
  78. UV Mirador Snow Brand Sliced ​​Cheese 2002 ; Snow Brand Neo Soft 2007 ; Snow Brand Hokkaido butter 2005 ; Snow Brand Hokkaido 100 Camembert cheese 2008 ; Snow Brand 6P cheese 2005 ; Snow Brand Hokkaido Skim Milk 2011,MATSUKI Ichita, MEGMILK SNOW BRAND Co.Ltd
  79. UV Mirador Café POD ESPRESSO MACHINE “device STYLE PD-1” 2007,ISHIBASHI Tadahiro, IDL corporation
  80. UV Mirador Remote controller RC-A001 2009 ; lunabowl open 2003 ; System bathroom ; Web museum of higonokami,KOYAMA Shinichi
  81. UV Mirador Wind-lit Solar 2005 ; Medical Scissors ES240-01-CFME 2009 ; Calf circumference measuring tape for Mini Nutritional Assessment® by Nestle Nutrition Institute 2010 ; Visual ElectroMyoGraphy 2011,SAITO Noriyuki
  82. UV Mirador Woody Entrance Pole 1998 ; Laser Marker 2001 ; Laser Marker Pro 2003 ; Car Sensor Alarm 2004 ; Wireless Service Call 2005 ; Universal Design for Washstand 2007,TERASHIMA Masayuki
  83. UV Mirador Interface design for GSM mobile phone (M21i) ; Interface design for GSM mobile phone (M750) ; Proposal for demonstration screen of Cebit 2002,ONO Kenta
  84. UV Mirador Advertisement of SUIVI. (ONWARD KASHIYAMA Co., Ltd.) ; Advertisement of Longchamp for Newspaper, Magazine and etc. in Japan 1998−2001 ; Design for Medical Facilities 2003− ; Book Design of “Diplomacy” 2012−,CHIBA Tetsuhiko, tcds
  85. UV Mirador The exhibition of sewing drawing/Book cover at KEIBUNSHA Kyoto 2004,ISHIBASHI Kanae,
  86. UV Mirador GUI design of Factory Automation equipment,FUKUDA Keisaku, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  87. UV Mirador FASE model on a design thinking ; A image of FASE model 2008,ASHIZAWA Yusuke
  88. UV Mirador Community Planter 2013 ; Package design of plant factory for Tomioka Elementary School in Fukuoka 2012 ; Signs for the plant factory base in Chiba University 2011 ; Logotype of p-square studio kashiwanoha 2011 ; Package of “Tateyama Hakkenden Manju” 2011 ; Signs for tourists strolling around Tateyama 2011,IMAIZUMI Hiroko
  89. UV Mirador Construction of an electronic controlled lower body negative pressure chamber using commercial off-the-shelf materials 2011,ISHIBASHI Keita
  90. UV Mirador Human Adaptability to Emotional and Intellectual Mental Stresses,IWANAGA Koichi
  91. UV Mirador The exhibition of Japanese arts and crafts in Taipei City, Taiwan 2006,UEDA Akira
  92. UV Mirador MOBILE ECO-ROBOT 2008 ; Mobile Greenhouse Farm System ; Windballon ; Windtree ; Eco Mileage Card ; Two in One Cup ; Solar Cycle ; Eco Mileage Card Display ; Spiral Meter-Rule ; Air Bags Series ; Arch Glasses ; Universal Clock ; Luminous Handle ; Noteclock ; Recycle Receiver ; Helper ; Talking Glasses ; The Blind Guiding System,UEDA Edilson
  93. UV Mirador Financial Services Agency logo ; International Handhitball Association logo ; Chiba Academy of Nursing Science logo,OHARA Yasuhiro
  94. UV Mirador Effects of Monochromatic Light on Time Sense for Short Intervals 2007,KATSUURA Tetsuo
  95. UV Mirador A Proposal of manual for AAE 2012 ; A proposal of interface of English-Japanese dictionary 2010 ; A proposal of time management tool for university students 2011,KIRITANI Yoshie
  96. UV Mirador Mechanical Properties of MINGU's Shapes,KUBO Mitsunori
  97. UV Mirador Proposal of 'Risk Classification' design on OTC Drug ; Evaluation of the Electronic Paper Signage in Sendai Subway Station,KOYAMA Shinichi
  98. UV Mirador Board Making by children and Mounted in Nigwal State, Palau,SUZUKI Naoto
  99. UV Mirador Swinging Birds at KAIST, KOREA 2007,TAUCHI Takatoshi
  100. UV Mirador [Research activity] Development of Terminal Device with Tactile Feedback,TERAUCHI Fumio
  101. UV Mirador Native Plants for Green Roofs,NAGASE Ayako
  102. UV Mirador DAIKIN Air-conditioner remote control design (Daikin Indusriies,Ltd.) 2012,HIBINO Haruo
  103. UV Mirador Postscript : Works by Graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University,MIYAZAKI Michio

Chiba University Graduates' Design Works (2006)

  1. UV Mirador RICOH CAMERA Auto Half ; RICOH Auto Half E,SHIMODA Tsunezoh,
  2. UV Mirador CPAL Leaf Type Digital Clock 222,NAGATA Hideaki
  3. UV Mirador CPAL Leaf Type Digital Clock 229,NAGATA Hideaki
  4. UV Mirador Cooking Ware C Line Series,MURAKAMI Teruyoshi, MATSUMARU Takashi
  5. UV Mirador Cooking Ware D Line Series & A Line Series ,MURAKAMI Teruyoshi, MATSUMARU Takashi
  6. UV Mirador Personal Print Gokko B6 [Personal silk-screen printer],MURAKAMI Teruyoshi, HOSOYA
  7. UV Mirador SONY Dynamic Microphone F-3B,CHIKU Atsushi
  8. UV Mirador SONY Transistor Radio TR-610,YAMAMOTO Kozo, IGARASHI, KANOI Nobuo
  9. UV Mirador SONY Transistor Radio TR-714,SAITO Tadashi
  10. UV Mirador SONY micro TV TV5-303,YAMAMOTO Kozo, TANIGUCHI Shuhei, JODAI Kazunori, KITAMURA Nobuo
  11. UV Mirador SONY Walkman TPS-L2,KUROKI Yasuo
  12. UV Mirador SONY 8mm Video Camera Recorder CCD-TR55,MORIMIYA Yuji
  13. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Uni Pencil,KAK, YAZAKI Katsuhiko
  14. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Hi-Uni Pencil,YAZAKI Katsuhiko
  15. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Ball-point pens BOXY,YAZAKI Katsuhiko
  16. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL POSCA [Aaqueous maker],YAZAKI Katsuhiko
  17. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Uni Colored Pencil 100c,YAZAKI Katsuhiko
  18. UV Mirador MORINAGA Chocolate flake,MITAMURA Natsumi
  19. UV Mirador MORINAGA Hi-Crown Chocolate,MITAMURA Natsumi
  20. UV Mirador MORINAGA Morinaga Scotch Nuts Candy,MITAMURA Natsumi
  21. UV Mirador MORINAGA Hi-Crown Chocolate Gold,MITAMURA Natsumi
  22. UV Mirador MORINAGA Carré de chocolat,TUKAHARA Ikuno
  24. UV Mirador Canon product catalogue,MIYAZAKI Michio
  25. UV Mirador Canon Canola newspaper advertisement ,MIYAZAKI Michio
  26. UV Mirador SONY FM/AM Radio 8F-38,JODAI Kazunori
  27. UV Mirador SONY Black and white TV 7-77U,JODAI Kazunori
  28. UV Mirador SONY DODECA HONE CD CDF-D77 [CD cassette recorder],SASAGO Osamu
  29. UV Mirador SONY Stereo opening deck TC-600,JODAI Kazunori
  30. UV Mirador TOYOTA MOTOR Publica UP10-D,NAGISA Tohru, HASEGAWA Tatsuo, HENMI Kunisaburo
  31. UV Mirador TOYOPET Crown MS50 [Motorcar],NAGISA Tohru
  32. UV Mirador KAO Harnes [Soap],IAWATANI Tadayoshi
  33. UV Mirador KAO Soap White,IAWATANI Tadayoshi
  34. UV Mirador KAO Guardhalo [Toothpowder],IAWATANI Tadayoshi
  35. UV Mirador KAO Super Zabu [Laundry detergent],YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  36. UV Mirador KAO New Beads [Laundry detergent],YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  37. UV Mirador KAO Humming [softener],YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  38. UV Mirador KAO Humming [softener],HUKURO Susumu, NOZUE Shunsaku
  39. UV Mirador KAO Bioré Facial Foam,NOZUE Shunsaku
  40. UV Mirador KAO New Merries [Paper diaper],NOZUE Shunsaku
  41. UV Mirador KAO More Compact [Dishwashing detergent],SHIIKI Ichiro
  42. UV Mirador KAO Family Fresh Compact [Dishwashing detergent],SHIIKI Ichiro
  43. UV Mirador KAO Family Pure Compact [Dishwashing detergent],SHIIKI Ichiro
  44. UV Mirador KAO New Beads [Laundry detergent],YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  45. UV Mirador KAO Healthya Ryokutya [Green tea],YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  46. UV Mirador KAO ECONA Cooking oil,YOSHIDA Mitsutoshi
  47. UV Mirador KAO Bioré Face Wash,NOZUE Shunsaku
  48. UV Mirador KAO ASIENCE [Shampoo, Conditioner and treatment agent],NOZUE Shunsaku
  49. UV Mirador KAO Success [Hair Foam],SHIIKI Ichiro
  50. UV Mirador KAO SOFINA Rise [Cosmetic],HUKURO Susumu
  51. UV Mirador KAO SOFINA Grace [Cosmetic],HUKURO Susumu
  52. UV Mirador “Kagaku” and “Gakushu”magazine supplement,KAK, MATSUMARU Takashi, AKIOKA Yoshio, KAWA Junnosuke, SHIBATA Kazuo, Kaneko Tomihiro, SASAKI
  53. UV Mirador RICOH Camera “MIRAI”,MINAGAWA Yoshihisa
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  55. UV Mirador RICOH Color printer IPSIO G7570,KABUMOTO Masaaki, YANO Ryota
  56. UV Mirador RICOH Handy Copying Machine CUVAX MC50,HAYAKAWA Seiji, KOGA Yasutaka
  57. UV Mirador Printed cloth and original drawing,SUZUKI Shigegi
  58. UV Mirador SEIKO dress watch (2519-018),SESHITA
  59. UV Mirador SEIKO quartz watch LC V.F.A (0514-9990),SESHITA
  60. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI MOTORS The first Colt Galant (1:5 scale model) ,MITSUHASHI Shinichi
  61. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI MOTORS HSR I (1:4 scale model) [Motorcar],KAMAIKE Mitsuo, HASEGAWA Takuya
  62. UV Mirador Airport Signage Design of New Tokyo International Airport,i Design inc., MURAKOSHI Aisaku, KOYAMA Keiichi
  63. UV Mirador Train guide display of the New Tokaido Line,i Design inc., KOYAMA Keiichi
  64. UV Mirador PENTEL Drafting Pencil MEC-5D,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  65. UV Mirador PENTEL Drafting Pencil PG5-AD,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  66. UV Mirador PENTEL Drafting Pencil PG2-AD,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  67. UV Mirador PENTEL Drafting Pencil PG4-AD,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  68. UV Mirador PENTEL Drafting Pencil PG7-AD,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  69. UV Mirador PENTEL Correction liquid XEZL1-W,SEKIGUCHI Tomozo, OMURA Takashi
  70. UV Mirador PENTEL Multi8 PH802/PJ803 [Multicolor mechanical pen],SEKIGUCHI Tomozo
  71. UV Mirador CANON Camera A35 Datelux “Nighter”,YATABE Toru
  72. UV Mirador CANON Camera AF35M “Auto Boy”,FUKUSHIMA Tadahide, OKA Yuzo
  73. UV Mirador CANON Camera EF,FUKUSHIMA Tadahide
  74. UV Mirador CANON Camera 514XL,YATABE Toru
  75. UV Mirador CANON Camera 310XL,YATABE Toru
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  77. UV Mirador CANON Camera A-1,FUKUSHIMA Tadahide, OKA Yuzo
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  81. UV Mirador CANON Camera AE-1 Program,OKA Yuzo
  82. UV Mirador CANON Camera T50,OKA Yuzo
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  85. UV Mirador CANON Camera POWERSHOT A510,SATO Keita
  86. UV Mirador CANON Camera EOS 1D (GUI),MORINAGA Hidehiko
  87. UV Mirador CANON Camera IXY DIGITAL 40 (GUI) ,KUMAKURA Masakazu
  88. UV Mirador CANON Camera EOS 20D,KUMAKURA Masakazu
  89. UV Mirador CANON Printer PIXUS MP950,NISHIMURA Kenichi
  90. UV Mirador Cookware set Allround Bowls,MIYAGI Sotaro
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  92. UV Mirador Lighting Stand Bio Lite,Hamano Institute Co.,Ltd., MIYAGI Sotaro
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  94. UV Mirador ASKUL logo mark,MIYAGI Sotaro
  95. UV Mirador ASKUL products,MIYAGI Sotaro
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  106. UV Mirador YAMAHA Multimedia amplifier RP-U100,YAMAHA design laboratory, KAWADA Manabu
  107. UV Mirador YAMAHA Digital mixing console O1V96,YAMAHA design laboratory, KITAZAWA
  108. UV Mirador YAMAHA Easy trumpet EZ-TP,YAMAHA design laboratory, SUZUKI Toshihide
  109. UV Mirador YAMAHA Electronic keyboard PSR-E303,YAMAHA design laboratory, KAWADA Manabu
  110. UV Mirador YAMAHA Synthesizers YS200,YAMAHA design laboratory, Udagawa Masamichi
  111. UV Mirador YAMAHA Tennis racket EX-97 tour model,YAMAHA design laboratory, SATO Daizo
  112. UV Mirador YAMAHA Electronic musical instrument Miburi,YAMAHA design laboratory, KAWADA Manabu
  113. UV Mirador DIATONE Vertical record player LT-5V,TANIUCHI Ken, OHTANI, OKADA Hideki, INOUE Katsuo
  114. UV Mirador DIATONE On-vehicle speaker system SX-DD10MK-II,SHIMA Kozo, IWASAKI Tatsuki, IWABUCHI Nobuaki
  115. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Room air-conditioner “Kirigamine” MSE-2240R,WADA Seiji
  116. UV Mirador NTT DoCoMo Cell phone “Digital mova” D501i HYPER,WADA Seiji, AIZAWA Toshio, INOUE Katsuo, IWASAKI Tatsuki, TUKADA Tomoaki
  117. UV Mirador NTT DoCoMo Cell phone “mova” D251,HARA Masaki, IWASAKI Tatsuki, ISHIZUKA Takehiko, ARAI, IIZAWA Daisuke, SEMPUKU Tuyoshi
  118. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Elevator without machine room ELEPAQi,AIZAWA Toshio, DOMON Yoshihiro
  119. UV Mirador NAOJ Subaru Telescope,WADA Seiji, AIZAWA Toshio, 阿部 敬人
  120. UV Mirador NISSAN MOTOR Skyline H/T2000GT-R(KPGC110),NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD, MATSUI Takayasu
  121. UV Mirador NISSAN MOTOR Fuga CBA-PY50 (1:4 scale model),NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD, AOKI Mamoru
  122. UV Mirador SAKAMOTO Stationery “BOBBY&KATE” series,ITO Akiko
  123. UV Mirador TERUMO Electronic thermometer C202P,KIDA Kenichi
  124. UV Mirador TERUMO Artificial lung “Capiox II” CX-M08, CX-M20, CX-M36, CX-M50,KIDA Kenichi
  125. UV Mirador TERUMO Ear type thermometer M10 “Mimippi”,KIDA Kenichi
  126. UV Mirador TERUMO Ear type thermometer M30 “Mimippi”,KIDA Kenichi
  127. UV Mirador TERUMO Electronic sphygmomanometer P2000,KIDA Kenichi
  128. UV Mirador TERUMO Electronic thermometer C220P,KIDA Kenichi
  129. UV Mirador TERUMO Peritoneal dialysis system “Midpeliq”,KIDA Kenichi
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  132. UV Mirador TANITA Fat meter TF-770,TANITA corporation, SATO Masaaki
  133. UV Mirador SHISEIDO Hairbrush for men,SHIROI Nobumasa
  134. UV Mirador Kilometer post,SHIROI Nobumasa
  135. UV Mirador Nerikomi tableware “Shigure”,AIDA Yusuke
  136. UV Mirador Dinner ware “Oval white”,AIDA Yusuke
  137. UV Mirador OLYMPUS Camera IZM300,YAMAMOTO Kazuo
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  139. UV Mirador OLYMPUS Camera TRIP100,ASAKA Takeshi
  140. UV Mirador OLYMPUS Camera LT-1,YAMAMOTO Kazuo
  141. UV Mirador OLYMPUS Inverted microscope IX70,ASAKA Takeshi
  142. UV Mirador KONICA Camera C35 EF3,IGUCHI Takeyoshi
  143. UV Mirador KONICA Camera “RECORDER”,IGUCHI Takeyoshi
  144. UV Mirador KONICA Camera “Big mini”,IGUCHI Takeyoshi
  145. UV Mirador KONICA Camera “HEXER”,IGUCHI Takeyoshi
  146. UV Mirador INAX Bathtub NB-1401MBL/L52,NONAKA Hirohchika, INAX
  147. UV Mirador EPSON Note PC PC-286NOTE exective PC-286NEX,SAKAI Hiroaki
  148. UV Mirador EPSON LCD projector VPJ-2000,TAKAHASHI Koichi
  149. UV Mirador CREDOR Wrist watch “NODE” GBLK999,OKAYA Tetsuo
  150. UV Mirador SEIKO Stopwatch “Time Keeper” S321,SUZUKI
  151. UV Mirador SONY Walkman WM-30,UROKI Yasuo
  152. UV Mirador Show Window Display for WAKO “Choir”,HATTORI Haruhisa
  153. UV Mirador SNOW BRAND Camembert cheese,MATSUKI Ichita
  154. UV Mirador THERMOS Vacuum insulated mug JMJ-200G,KATO Rikiya
  155. UV Mirador THERMOS Vacuum insulated mobile mug JML-351,KATO Rikiya
  156. UV Mirador THERMOS Shuttle shef mini KPO-1200,HATSUMOTO Kunio
  157. UV Mirador THERMOS Vacuum insulated teapot TGR-600,studio i design, WATANABE
  158. UV Mirador THERMOS Coffee maker with vacuum insulated teapot TGR-600,studio i design, WATANABE
  159. UV Mirador THERMOS Vacuum insulated sport bottle FDQ-1000F,HATSUMOTO Kunio
  160. UV Mirador OMRON Wrist type Sphygmomanomete R3,NUMATA Tsuyoshi
  161. UV Mirador OMRON Automatic ticket gate,KAIZAKI Masaru
  162. UV Mirador NIKON Upright microscopes Eclipse E200,KAWAHATA Nobuya
  163. UV Mirador NIKON Camera Pronea S,AKABANE Jun, KOBAYASHI Hiroshi, ONO Arata, ITO Hideki
  164. UV Mirador NIKON Camera Coolpix SQ,KONNO Jun
  165. UV Mirador NIKON Camera Coolpix 2500,KAWAHATA Nobuya
  166. UV Mirador NIKON Camera Coolpix 8400,ONO Arata
  167. UV Mirador NIKON Camera D100,AKABANE Jun
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  169. UV Mirador NIKON Camera D2X,NAGAOKA Yasuki, NOJIMA Akira
  170. UV Mirador NATIONAL Luminous chime EC170P,YAMAUCHI Tsutomu
  171. UV Mirador ITOKI Office desk “momotaro”,SEKI Soichi, HOSOE Isao
  172. UV Mirador ITOKI Office chair “Prego”,IWATUKI Tatsuo
  173. UV Mirador ITOKI Conference table “DDD” DDD-1897P-W9,KATAYAMA Takao
  174. UV Mirador ITOKI Storage furniture “Planityline”,KAMATA Keiji, ITOKI Corporation, URABE Kenshin, GK Kyoto Inc.
  175. UV Mirador Magazine advertisement for AUDI,KOZUKA Yasumi
  176. UV Mirador Aadvertising poster for ONWARD SUIVI.,CHIBA Tetsuhiko
  177. UV Mirador Magazine advertisement for LONGCHAMP,CHIBA Tetsuhiko
  178. UV Mirador NTT PERSONAL PHS “PALDIO” 201S,MORI Tatsuo
  179. UV Mirador SHARP PDA “Zaurus” PI-3000,YAMAMIZU Hiroshi
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  181. UV Mirador SHARP Note PC “Mebius” PC-MW series,TANIMURA Yoichi
  182. UV Mirador SHARP PDA “Zaurus igeti” Ml-P1-W,OHOKI Kunihiro
  183. UV Mirador Priority seat sign (prototype),OMORI Masaki
  184. UV Mirador WEST JAPAN RAILWAY Route map (prototype),OMORI Masaki
  185. UV Mirador MANIMANI Gloves MM-130,FUKUSHIMA Reiko
  186. UV Mirador MANIMANI Gloves MM-123,FUKUSHIMA Reiko
  187. UV Mirador MANIMANI Gloves MM-132,FUKUSHIMA Reiko
  188. UV Mirador MANIMANI Gloves MM-15,FUKUSHIMA Reiko
  189. UV Mirador NARUMI Coffee set (prototype),NAGAI Chiharu
  190. UV Mirador DAITOA YOGYO Tableware “R.M.D”,NAGAI Chiharu
  191. UV Mirador Shoehorn “aquarium” #003,SUMIKAWA Shinichi
  192. UV Mirador KONICA Camera DG-5W,HIRAGA Akiko
  193. UV Mirador NATIONAL Laser marker BTL1100/BTL1000,TARASHIMA Masayuki
  194. UV Mirador APEX Washstand “Tiara”,ENOMOTO, Apex CO LTD
  195. UV Mirador NORITZ Washstand “Lunabowl open”,MIYAGI Sotaro, SAITO Noriyuki
  196. UV Mirador OKAMURA Office desk and chair “Cruise & Atlas”,NARITA Tetsuya, NAKAMURA Kenji
  197. UV Mirador ERGOSOFT Japanese Word Processor “EGWORD 14” (interface and icon design),SUZUKI Yojiro
  198. UV Mirador NIKKISO Hemodialysis monitor DCS-73,WADA Isao
  199. UV Mirador DAIHATSU MOTOR “Copen”,ISIZAKI Hirofumi
  200. UV Mirador TOYOTA MOTOR Prius (1:5 scale model),OKAMOTO Hiroshi
  201. UV Mirador YAMAHA MOTOR Scooter “Nuovo”,SAKAI Tatsuhiko, KUWATA Nobuaki
  202. UV Mirador YAMAHA MOTOR motorcycle XT660,SHIMIZU Yoshiro
  203. UV Mirador NHK TV studio design for Advertising TV program “Dae Jang Geum”,HAYASHIDA Italu
  204. UV Mirador TOKYO MOTOR SHOW venue planning,TERAZAWA Tsutomu
  205. UV Mirador Display of National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo,TAKAHASHI Hisaya
  206. UV Mirador KOTOBUKI Play equipment “Space cube” CP-01240,HARA Hiromichi
  207. UV Mirador KOTOBUKI Study Desk and chair SD-230 series,HARA Hiromichi
  208. UV Mirador Planned landscape of Tokyo International Airport,KANKIYOUSOUKEN, MATSUDA Noboru, ONODERA Emi
  209. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Colored pencil “Mitubishi Dermatograph”,IZUMO Takeko
  210. UV Mirador MITSUBISHIPENCIL Calendar,IZUMO Takeko
  211. UV Mirador Magazine advertisement for MITSUBISHIPENCIL,IZUMO Takeko
  212. UV Mirador Magazine advertisement for MITSUBISHIPENCIL,IZUMO Takeko
  213. UV Mirador SHISEIDO Cosmetics “ROSARIUM”,SUGIURA Shunsaku, IKEDA Shuichi, ITO Toru, ANDO Kyoko
  214. UV Mirador SHISEIDO Hair care cosmetics “Rupo”,YAMASHITA Masakazu, SAKAI Shigeya, ITO Toru
  215. UV Mirador SHISEIDO Skin care product “Bio-Performance”,SUGIURA Shunsaku, ITO Toru
  216. UV Mirador SHISEIDO Hair care product “Ceu”,ITO Toru
  217. UV Mirador MITSUKAN Vinegar,URABE Kenji, ITO Toru, KUNIYASU Takashi
  218. UV Mirador Riki stool,Qdesigners, WATANABE Riki
  219. UV Mirador COPAL clock “Caslon” 601,Qdesigners, WATANABE Riki
  220. UV Mirador MUJI Square paper tube Unit System,YASUI Satoshi
  221. UV Mirador SONY Video signal converter “Vaio” LX series,OBA Haruo
  222. UV Mirador SONY Desktop PC “QUALIA” Q001-CB01,OBA Haruo
  223. UV Mirador NATIONAL Tape recorder RQ-302,UGA Yoko, TSURUOKA Hideyo
  224. UV Mirador Work desk “pour des enfants” Type D  ,KOYAMA Toshiaki

Works by graduates of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University (1990)

  1. UV Mirador Cover, contents and colophon : IDC40 : Works by graduates of the department of industrial design Chiba University,Alumni Association of the Department of Industrial Design Chiba University
  2. UV Mirador Preface : Works by graduates of the department of industrial design Chiba University,AOKI Shigeyoshi
  3. UV Mirador Preface : Works by graduates of the department of industrial design Chiba University,SHIGETA Ryoichi
  4. UV Mirador SHARP : AV television ; Coffee maker,WADA Naoki, OGASAWARA Mikio, SATAKE Koji
  5. UV Mirador SHARP : Car stereo ; Radio cassette player ; Component stereo system X-BASS,TSUJIMOTO Kazuo, MORI Tatsuo, KOJIMA Kunio
  6. UV Mirador SHARP : Rice cooker ; Toaster ; Coffee maker,SATO Koji, HIROSE Tomoyuki, YAGINUMA Takashi
  7. UV Mirador SHARP : CAD system,FUNAMOTO Hiroyuki, SHIBUI Yuichi, TASAKI Koji
  8. UV Mirador OLYMPUS : Camera,YAMAMOTO Kazuo, ASAKA Takeshi
  9. UV Mirador Sign system planning for passenger in the subway,AKASE Tatsuzo, KUROKAWA Toshio, OHNO Erisa, ISONO Takeo, TSUKUSHI Yoshiko
  10. UV Mirador SHISEIDO : Men's cosmetic,AOKI Shigeyoshi, SUGIURA Shunsaku
  11. UV Mirador SHISEIDO : Men's cosmetic ; Body cosmetic,MATSUBARA Masaki, IWAKI Michio
  12. UV Mirador SHISEIDO : Fragrance ; Make up cosmetic,SAKAI Shigeya, ADACHI Kazuhiko
  13. UV Mirador SHISEIDO : Medicinal cosmetic for acne-prone skin ; Make up cosmetic,KANEKO Yoichi, ITO Toru
  14. UV Mirador Watanabe Co., Ltd. : Science teaching materials ; Microscope TV systems ; Writable globe ; Planisphere ; Sundial,WATANABE Hiroshi
  15. UV Mirador NIKON : Single lens reflex camera ; Still video camera ; Binocular ; microscope ; Lens grinder ; Refractometer ; 3D measuring machine,AKABANE Jun, KOBAYASHI Hiroshi, NAGAOKA Yasuki
  16. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Minica,MITSUHASHI Sinichi, KASHIZAWA Kazuya
  17. UV Mirador SEIKO : Tablet device ; Monitor ; Printer ; Outpatient support system ; Ordering system for restaurant,MIYATA Midori, KOIKE Ryoichi, MOMOSE Akira
  18. UV Mirador NEC : Portable computer,KIMURA Hiroshi, SUZUKI Shoji, OKAMOTO Hiroyuki
  19. UV Mirador NEC : Personal computer PC-9801 : Keyboard of Japanese word processor BUNGO,NOMURA Masatoshi, SASA Makio, ICHIHASHI Toru
  20. UV Mirador NEC : Digital switcher ; TV game PC engine ,YOSHIHASHI Akio, ONO Chitose, MISAWA Junko
  21. UV Mirador NEC : Television conference room ; Firefighting command center,ANDOU Osamu, ITO Toshio, SHIMURA Yuitsu
  22. UV Mirador NEC : Showroom ; Exhibition of audio fair,SAKAMAKI Yuichi, NARIKAWA Katsumoto, WAKAMATSU Hiromasa
  23. UV Mirador CANON : AF Single lens reflex camera EOS ; 8mm video camera,FUKUSHIMA Tadahide, YATABE Toru, MIURA Yuzo
  24. UV Mirador TOSHIBA : Washing and drying machine ; Warm air heater ; Clock ; Vacuum cleaner,FUJII Kiyoshi, UMEHARA Nobuhiro
  25. UV Mirador TOSHIBA : Scanner ; Printer ; Automatic ticket gate : Facsimile machine,HARA Kunio, INOUE Masahiro, Shin-ichi
  26. UV Mirador TOSHIBA : Telephone set ; Control system,YAMAOKA Toshiki, WAKASA Masamitchi, FUSIYA Nobuhiro
  27. UV Mirador TOSHIBA : AM/FM Stereo ; Steam iron ; TV woofer,IZU Yuuichi, WATANABE Shinji, MIKAMI Tastuyuki
  28. UV Mirador TOSHIBA : Bulb-shaped fluorescent light NEOBALL ; Town model ; Books ; Satellite communication ground station ; Articulated robot ; AM/FM radio ; Scissors,KATOH Hisaaki, NAKAMURA Yuji, KUNISAWA Yoshie
  29. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Sensor work station ; Television,ONOMURA Torao, TANIUCHI Ken
  30. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Fluorescence lamp ; Work station,FUTATSUGI Mitsuyuki, SHIRATANI Sadao
  31. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Luma phone ; Displayphone,WADA Seiji, AIZAWA Toshio
  32. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Audio/Video stereo receiver ; Facsimile,OHYA Tomiyasu, SAKAI Masayuki
  33. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Video camera ; Personal computer,INOUE Katsuo, HARA Masaki
  34. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Television ; Car speakers,SAWADA Hitoshi, IWASAKI Tatsuki
  35. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Engineering workstation ; Siphon-type coffee maker,YONEZAWA Midori, WATANABE Hidetake
  36. UV Mirador MITSUBISHI : Digital multi-function telephone ; Refrigerator,ABE Takato, SATO Teiko
  37. UV Mirador NTT Cordless phone PASSE ; TOYOTA Stores,KATAOKA Teruyuki
  38. UV Mirador TOYOTA : Showroom facility guidebook ; Poster,IZUMI Kiyoshi
  39. UV Mirador Fuji Xerox Osaka showroom ; Los Angeles Square in Nagoya Central Park,KOGUCHI Junichi
  40. UV Mirador TOYOTA Store Corporate Identity ; TOYOTA booth at the Geneva International motor show,NARIKAWA Keiko
  41. UV Mirador PENTAX : Binoculars ; Compact camera ; Still video camera ; Single lens reflex camera ; Astronomic telescope : Asahi Optical Co., Ltd,YAMANAKA Toshimasa, KOINUMA Masahiro, SHISHIKURA Takenao, TAKAHASHI Akio
  42. UV Mirador Package design : Honshu Seishi, Co., Ltd,IJU Moriyoshi, KURIHARA Motohisa
  43. UV Mirador Sanitary room ; Interior material : Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.,YAMAUCHI Tsutomu, OKADA Yutaka
  44. UV Mirador SONY : Video camera ; Video device Betamax ; Multiple disk player,MORIMIYA Yuji, ISHIDA Sadayoshi
  45. UV Mirador SONY : Television ; Semiconductor inspection system,KATO Kazue, SUMIKAWA Shinichi, SAKURAI Osamu
  46. UV Mirador SONY : Stereo cassette deck ; Component stereo system ; Power amplifier ; Control amplifier,IRIBE Toshio, WADA Isao, SHINDO Koji
  47. UV Mirador SONY : Portable radio ; Compact disc player Discman ; CD Radio cassette player ; Component stereo system LIBERTY ; workstation,OGASAWARA Shinichi, SASAGO Osamu, OKUMURA Kazumasa
  48. UV Mirador SONY : Walkman package ; My first SONY package; Radio package,ICHIKAWA Toru, NAKAIZUMI Hiroshi, UZAWA Yoko
  49. UV Mirador Poster ; Book : C. C. Les Mains Co.,Ltd.,SHIMADA Mitsuo, YAMADA Takao
  50. UV Mirador Hino Motors : Automotive interior and exterior,TAKATO Masanori, AMANO Hiroki, HAKAMADA Tetsuro
  51. UV Mirador Silicon wafer container ; Floppy file case ; Clock ; Handy bar code label printer : KAK-design Co., Ltd,MATSUMARU Takeshi
  52. UV Mirador HITACHI : Television ; Video deck PERSONA ; Video remote controller,SEKIGUCHI Yuriko, YONEZAWA Yutaka
  53. UV Mirador HITACHI : Vacuum cleaner ; Shaver ; Fan ; Hands-free dryer,AOKI Masahide
  54. UV Mirador HITACHI : Video camera ; Portable video player with liquid crystal television,MATSUKUMA Nobuhiko, OHSAWA Takao
  55. UV Mirador HITACHI : Laptop personal computer ; Radio cassette recorders ; Commercial Video system,YAMAGUCHI Tadahiro, FUKATSU Makoto
  56. UV Mirador HITACHI : Supercomputer ; Facsimile machine,YOKOI Kenji, SAEGUSA Masahito, TSUBOI Daiji
  57. UV Mirador HITACHI : Office workstation 2050 ; Screen design ; Manual design,SUZUKI Toshio, KOMURO Sumie
  58. UV Mirador HITACHI : Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus ; Traffic control and surveillance system,SHIBATA Noboru
  59. UV Mirador HITACHI : Tokyo monorail ; Observation elevator ; Escalator for the handicappe,YOKOI Yukiko
  60. UV Mirador KANEBO : Fashion merchandising,SUZUKI Seiji, ONISHI Yoshihiko, NAKAGUCHI,Tetsuji
  61. UV Mirador KANEBO : Textile design ; Space design ; Commodity plannning and sales promotion,SUNAZAWA Hitoshi, MIYABE Kowji
  62. UV Mirador TOYOTA Design department manager ; Chairman of world design conference management committee,NAGISA Tohru, KUROYANAGI Toshio, MOROHOSHI Kazuo
  63. UV Mirador TOYOTA : Car design MARK II ; Development of StyleCAD sysytem,SATOH Tetsuo, HIRAI Wahei, KOUZEN Ikujirou
  64. UV Mirador TOYOTA : Car design CELICA ; RUV4 ; SERA,MORI Toshiki, HAMADA Shinji, CHIKAZOE Masayuki
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